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Why you need to look beyond search engine?

As search engine wars are going on everybody is trying to prove their excellence in search results. But there are places beyond Search Engine that you should considered looking into. When people are searching for something they will just directly go to search engine and type their query on search engine & try to find results, but only problem is that the result you believe to be accurate is not what it seems. As recently Google change their algorithm to fight content farmers, still the no of spam in search results continue to occur.

When I was searching for valuable information on internet, I found out that many of the useful information lies after the 5th or the 10th page of the search results. I know every one has not got that much time to look for information beyond 3rd page of search results. This is because Search Engine Optimization and many other techniques has been generated to manipulate the search results.

Hence some time relevant information is left out behind. Now, people have started to look beyond search engine & below places even you should look for information, you would surprised to get some great info & sometime get help from people.

Social Media Sites

So what is the best way to find optimal results? The answer to these question lies beneath the things we are looking for. In this case we need to widen our horizon and look for places where we often visit, that are the Social media websites. Why I say social media as I have found lots of information regarding any topic freely and more relevantly available at various social media websites, even you get a chance to interact with person posted that information & you will get a better solution to your problem. I believe that they are best alternative to search engines, as in my personal experience Twitter & Facebook has helped me lot in fixing many problems whose information was not available on search engine. Its good alternative,  but still you can’t replace search engines completely.

Forums, Blogs & Niche Sites

The other places I would suggest you should look is forums, blog’s & directories. Look for relevant forums blog’s & directories related to your topic. Forums are the community of people who also involves experts that share their views on a particular topics, hence you can directly converse with them & learn something new.. You would be surprise the amount of relevant data you will get from blog this days as their many bloggers who blogs about things related to their expertise, so information that you will get will be more relevant. There are some useful sites available for particular niche like Yelp, Groupon & more. Where Yelp offers reviews of many restaurant whereas on Groupon you can find daily discount deals daily. The good thing all this website is most info you get here freely available.

Article & File Sharing Websites

Even article & file sharing websites like, and many other provide a quite a huge amount of information. Here you would be surprised to find information that you would surely not find searching on search engines. Many data like business plans, free e-books, and various legal agreements are easily as well as free available.

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