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3 Things You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimization

It has been a more then 2 years now that I am into SEO i.e search engine optimization & people around me have always asked me about it. The simple definition of SEO that I give  “It is the method to optimize the website so that search engine recognizes it & index it in accordance to the relevancy”, then they reply “oh so you optimize website to come on first page of Google”.  Finally I give up and tell them “yeah, It’s that kind of work”. So this article will explain you what SEO really does & why it is important for every websites.

1. What exactly is search engine optimization??

Consider an example of an index of book/directory which we read every day, where index mentions the title of chapter that is present on a particular page, so that we can easily navigate/search through the book & find the information that we need. In book/directory we are able to find information we are looking for as the index was properly organized and described. Search Engine do something similar but much more in advance way.

When you search something in search engine gives you will get results showing short description along with the title of websites, hence you will find the results you are looking for. Search Engine Optimization helps your website rank well which will in-turn increase your visibility & increase your organic traffic.

Similarly for any website without SEO this kind of information is missing. So when people are looking for information that is related to your website then they won’t be able to find or understand what your website is about.

Imagine your website without any title & description would look something like this to user when they search it on Search Engine.

1.Without Proper Title & Descrition

Improper Title & Descripition

2.With Proper Title & Description

Proper Title & Description

When any one including me look at the image would not click on results that looks like Image 1 as it provides the least information. But if  I find something like image 2, that provides information some generic information with title & description & I will know what I am looking for & click on that link. This is a very basic example I have give on what SEO does,  to understand SEO in more detail read THE BASIC GUIDE TO SEO.

2. Why do you need to do SEO?

People need to understand SEO is not a trend in web industry that you need to follow. Search Engine optimization has become the important aspect of the any website & businesses. If you are not doing it, it is you who are losing in the race to be ahead of others.

Following are some of the reasons you still need to go ahead with SEO

  • SEO speeds up the process of getting better rankings.
  • It will list your website across various search engines.
  • It will give  a web presence for your brand name.
  • Helps to get an Social Media Presence on web.
  • Organizes the website accordingly.
  • It takes care of proper linking of pages within the website.
  • ROI On SEO is longer run is quite profitable.
  • Increases traffic to your website


3. When will Your website Gain Top Ranking in search Engine??

Everyone doing Search engine optimization will claim this, that they will get you website listed on the top pages of search engine ASAP,  but getting a higher ranking on search engine is not easy for everyone as it takes lots of time & effort. People with having perception that paying $100-$500 will make their website list on initial page of search engine should understand that they have wrong thing in their mind, as optimization of website is based on requires various tasks to be completed

Getting top ranking on search engine may take more than 3 months for specific keywords. If there is no competition (which is not true in every case) you may get good ranking soon, that is even in a month.


I hope with this article I have cleared many doubts about search engine optimization, if you have any other doubts you can still ask them in the comments.

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