Nikunj Tamboli - Digital Marketer


Current Company: QuinStreet
Designation: Web Producer (Senior Manager)
Total Work Experience: 2 Years (July 2015 – On Going)


  • As senior manager my role is to align strategy with other team members (content, development & business) & generate traffic & improve the revenue for the website.
  • I am actively involved in understanding the current data & taking decision based on it.
  • Also I am serving as central point of contact for various tracking initiative across the mortgage team.

Current Company: QuinStreet
Designation: Assistant Web Producer
Total Work Experience: 12 Months (July 2012 – June2013)

  • In my role of assistant web producer I closely worked with senior producer to create long & short term priorities for the sites in our portfolio.
  • I create weekly & bi-weekly updates on priorities & plan along with results achieved.
  • As part of my role include project management where I worked with team of developers, QA & producers to get the job done.
  • The projects I work on includes website redesign, conversation optimization, user-experience & monetization improvements from various revenue channels like lead, SureHits (CPC listings) & Google Adsense.

Current Company: QuinStreet
Designation: Web Producer (Manager)
Total Work Experience: 2 Years (July 2013 – July 2015)

  • As a senior web producer I create strategy, draft roadmap for product development & focus on increasing traffic & conversion on the website.
  • Suggest Ideas for product development & actively manage developer bandwidth.

Designation: Media Associate
Total Work Experience:  9 Months (Oct 2011 – June 2012)

  • My primary role as a media associate is to ensure SEO compliances of the sites which included but was not limited to on-page optimization, seo best practices, resolving Google webmaster tools errors & other stuff. I worked on multiple domains which include mortgages, credit cards, deposits & insurance.
  • My major task was to create plan by analyzing data, priorities & share the same with the producers & other media associates.
  • I was also responsible for creating, analyzing & presenting reports (traffic, revenue & SEO) & Keyword Map.
  • Along with SEO compliance I worked on content management & publishing across various sites in HQF (High Quality Finance) domain.
  • My role include working closely with developer, producers & other media associates to deliver any task assigned to me in more timely & efficient ways.